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As your European Hub
Your product, our risk, Taking care of the after sales and support, Development of the sales channel
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  • service

    What we can do for you

    IDCP as European importer is your partner and you can take that literally. If we are convinced of a product, we leave no stone unturned to make the product a success. First of all, you can count on a reliable network of distributors and resellers with whom we have a personal relationship. In addition, we focus our attention on finding new and promising sales channels that fit your product.

  • succes

    The succes of IDCP

    IDCP is specialized in marketing innovative digital products across Europe. We have succeeded in bringing several brands to adulthood in the European market and we are supplying many of the leading companies in Europe. This success is also due because of the strong home market in the Netherlands, which is an excellent place to launch new products, as many Dutch consumers are wealthy and there are many early adopters.

  • innovative

    Margin leads to innovation

    Our policy is to maintain a good margin for all parties involved, to make the necessary investments in innovation and marketing possible. In this way the necessary product improvements can be made and new products will be developed. All parties can benefit from this strategy.

  • marketing

    Your marketing force in Europe

    As a manufacturer, the product is your core business. You often do not have the knowledge or capacity to develop things like country-specific packaging or a multilingual manual. IDCP knows that the success of a product is not only determined by the product itself but also depends on the right marketing at the right moment. IDCP will develop multilingual manuals, brochures, packaging, POS-material, multilingual websites, images, audio and video as needed. Additionally we will usually initiate a Google adds campaign.

  • up

    IDCP as your European hub

    Therefore the title of importer does not do us full justice, because IDCP is much more than that. We put a lot of our own time, money and effort in branding your product. We are financially independent and strong so we are not financially bound to a third party. We open up the European market for you and in this way we create a lot more than just a trading relationship. It is our aim to be your European hub for all relevant tasks and activities.


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